: UL-135

DescriptionUltimate Twin 1" Alternating Water Softener (CPTY 135,000)

Service Flow Rate: 15.0 gpm

Peak Flow Rate: 20.0 gpm

Volume (cu. ft.): 4.50

Tank Size (in.): 16x65

Salt Per Regeneration: 29 lb.

Brine Tank (salt capacity): 1,000 lb.



The ULTIMATE TWIN alternating tank system ensures continuous soft water for home requirements. The UTLIMATE TWIN provides 24 hours of uninterrupted conditioned water precisely and economically.

Solve your water problems with the “ULTIMATE TWIN” fully automatic softener.
Only an alternating twin tank system such as KRUDICO’S ULTIMATE models can ensure continuous soft water twenty-four hours a day-everyday. Salt and regeneration water are used only in direct proportion to the water that has been conditioned, giving minimum operation costs. Saves on soap, keeps fixtures and tableware shining and spotless, prevents scale build-up which can cause clogging in pipes.

Krudico’s Ultimate Twin line of water softeners consist of two resin tanks one in operation and the other in standby. After testing the water supply for its hardness content, your plumber or a Krudico tech will calculate the amount of raw water that may be run through each tank before regeneration is required. During operation, when one tank reaches this amount, the control valve switches automatically from this tank to the other tank. The first tank will go into regeneration and upon completion remain in standby until the second tank reaches the pre-set amount. 

Salt and regeneration water are used only in direct proportion to the softened water consumed.


  • Delivers continuous soft water.
  • Flow rates among the industries highest.
  • 1" Control valve will soften water up to a 24 gpm flow rate while the ¾" meter will provide up to 21 gpm flow rate.
  • Five cycle system that can remove as much if not more Iron/rust than other water softeners.
  • Backwash, brine draw, rinse and brine refill are accomplished with softened water to provide cleaner and long lasting resin bed.

Looking for a simplified system, the Ultimate Twin water softeners are extremely easy to set and operate. One dial on the control face sets the gallons of water to be conditioned between regenerations. Once set, the tanks will automatically alternate whenever the capacity has been reached. No more adjustments on gallonage need to be made.

Bachwash, brine/rinse and salt settings are easily made on a program wheel. All programs are mechanical so there is no possibility of failure in the event of electrical outages.


  • Fleck 9000 Residential Twin Tank Control Valve
    • ¾” or 1" inlet/outlet available
    • 110V/60Hz
    • 5-Cycle
    • Down-flow brining
    • Slow Rinse
    • Rapid Rinse
    • Timed Brine Refill
    • Downflow Service
    • Innovative Second Tank Quick Connection
    • Demand Regeneration
    •  Logix Control Valve
  • Superior Fiberglass Mineral Tank
  • High-quality Softening Resin
  • Brine tank with-Brine-line Installation Fitting
  • Gravel Underbedding
  • Owners Operation Manual/Replacement Parts
  • Great Service

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