The company was founded in 1966 by Gary Kruse as a retail and wholesale water treatment company located in Lake View, Iowa. Like many small companies of the time, business was conducted from a garage connected to the house. In 1967, a car wash along with a small office and warehouse was built to house the fledgling business and it was here that the company started its growth. In 1972, the building was enlarged to make three offices and a new stock room for inventory. By 1976, additional area was needed and another 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse was added to increase the manufacturing and assembly area to a total of 24,000 sq ft. As the wholesale distribution had spread throughout the Midwest USA, the decision was made to sell out the retail and rental portion of the company during 1977. The company was then structured to devote all of its energy to expanding the wholesale end of the company.

In 1985, after having successful exhibition booths at the national WQA and AWWA convention, Krudico commenced exporting water treatment products to Canada.  In 1990, Krudico was offered a modern, well-built, brick building in a town 12 miles away in Auburn, Iowa at a very reasonable price. As the current business buildings were constructed of steel, they were expensive to heat and cool. In November of 1990, the move to the new building in Auburn began. The move not only gave Krudico a new building, but additional land to expand upon if the need should arise.

Since the 1960’s Krudico has worked in treating water for common inorganics such as hardness (calcium and magnesium), iron and manganese but also pioneered the treatment of nitrates, nitrites, arsenic, radium and more. Krudico also became a leader in the chlorination of private wells providing products and education throughout the USA and Canada.

In 1997, son Jerry joined the company after serving ten years in the nuclear water waste field gaining experience not only in water treatment but also design and operation .  His added expertise allowed the company to rapidly increase it’s expansion into the commercial/municipal market.  Upon the retirement of Gary in 1997, the business was turned over to son Jerry  to continue Krudico’s growth and reputation.  In 2002 Gary/Krudico was presented the International Water Quality Association’s “Key Award” for contributions both to the water treatment industry and for community service to others.  A cherished honor for the company.

Jerry continues designing, supplying and manufacturing residential and commercial water treatment equipment and the Krudico chlorine pellets as well as boastfully supplying and designing water treatment systems for municipalities. Krudico also installs and services municipal water treatment equipment that continues on today. Jerry designs and customizes water treatment systems for engineers for projects based on the water treatment need. Krudico welcomes all engineers or cities in need of water treatment improvements to contact us today, we will work to design an affordable reliable system. Krudico also has a highly respected team of trained technicians’ that install and service all types of municipal water treatment equipment systems throughout most of the mid-west.

Krudico, Inc. is dedicated in helping with all your water treatment needs and will direct you to their nearest Krudico dealer in your area for Krudico, Inc. products and service. If no dealer is in your area, Krudico can help you direct in sales and technical support. Or if you would like to become a local dealer in your area for Krudico products give us a call 800-211-1369 or start by filling out an application and fax or sending to Krudico, Inc..


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