Arsenic Reduction: AS-1252


Mineral Tank (inches) : 12X52

Reduction Capacity : 216,000 mg/l

Service Flow Rate(gpm) :10

Salt per regeneration (lbs) : 20

Brine Tank (inches) :18x36

Brine tank salt capacity (lbs) : 350



The AS-Ion point of entry system is used if the arsenic in the water supply is already in the form of As5(arsenate) or may be converted to As5 by oxidation with air or chemically such as chlorine. Arsenic Anion Resin is used in this point of entry ion exchange system. NJGS has shown that it will remove/reduce the average arsenic contaminated water to non-detectable. or under 2 ppb. Units are metered for porper regeneration. Water flow rates are up to 5 gpm per cubic foot. With these systems, water must have under 0.1 iron, 0.02 manganese, 0.1 chlorine or other oxidizers adn if the water hardness is greater than 15 grains hard, a water softener should be installed in front of the unit. If a water softener is not installed than the resin should be treated every 90 days with a solution of citric acid to prevent a calcium carbonate build up on the resin beads or in the drain line. The AS-Ion System is more cost effective than the AS-AD system over a period of years since the resin life of the AS is 10-20 years before replacement is needed.

*Exchange Capacity must include the total of sulfates, nitrates and arsenic in the water supply.



  • Autotrol 255-760 Control Valve
    • ¾” inlet/outlet
    • 12V transformer
    • Down-flow brining
    • Demand Regeneration
    • Calendar Override
    • 28 Day Variable Reserve
    • High Efficiency Regeneration Sequence
    • Automatic Capacity Calculations
    • Water and Salt Saving
  • Superior Fiberglass Mineral Tank
  • High-quality ASB Ionic Mineral Resin
  • Gravel Underbedding
  • Brine tank with-Brine-line Installation
  • ¾” Plastic Backplate(standard all models-other options available)
  • Owners Operation Manual/Replacement Parts
  • Great Service

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