Arsenic Reduction: AS-AD-1054


Mineral Tank (inches) : 10X54

Reduction Capacity :633,000 mg/l

Service Flow Rate (gpm) : 6



The AS-AD point of entry filters are used if the water supply contains all or some arsenic in the As3 (arsenite) form. Krudico’s Granular Ferrice Hydorxide Arson-Bind Media should be used unless pre- treatment is applied to oxidize the As 3 & As 5. These units are depth filters containing varying amounts of the As-AD Iron Oxide Media, depending on the flow rate requirements and the water usage. A Krudico, Inc. technician can help you size the unit according to your flow rate and needs. A full water analysis, water line size, gpm, average/peak/daily water use, and what the water is use for is required to size to you individual needs. Normal runs have been tested to 45,000 plus bed volumes with minimal or no pass through of arsenic. The bed volumes tested are equal to 335,000 gallons of water per cubic foot of media. Thiswill last the average home of 4 persons, three years per cubic foot of media before replacement of the Arsen-bind is needed.The system comes complete with a meter to calculate gallons used and has a LED light to give warning when the media should be replaced. Once the media has been replaced, the old media may be disposed of in any landfill, as it will not contaminate future ground water supplies.



  • Autotrol 263-440i Filter Control Valve
    • 1” inlet/outlet
    • 12V transformer
    • Calendar Time Clock, 6 day
    • Time of Day easily set with a 24 hours knob
    • Daily regenerations can be scheduled for up to 6 consecutive days
  • Superior Fiberglass Mineral Tank
  • High-quality Arsenic Removal Media
  • Gravel Underbedding
  • 1” Plastic Backplate(standard all models-other options available)
  • Optional 265 Bypass available
  • Owners Operation Manual/Replacement Parts
  • Great Service

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