Reverse Osmosis-Home Water Purification: VX-PT-4

DescriptionPure Water Machine

4 Stage RO System

Storage Tank Capacity : 4 Gallons

RO Prod. Rate (at 65 psi) : 35 gpd

Inlet Water Pressure: 40-100 psi

Normal Filter Life :1 year



Vertex use proven technology and the highest quality materials available in the construction and design of our products to remove the unwanted contaminants and additives that can be found in today's municipal or well water supply. Vertex PureWaterMachine(tm) line of residential Reverse Osmosis filter systems provide safe, clean water for drinking and cooking that tastes great. Since the average household uses only about 1% of the total water delivered for cooking and drinking it makes sense to treat this small amount of water with our point of use systems. The PureWaterMachine has been tested and Gold seal approved by the WQA to ANSI/NSF standard 58 for contaminant reduction. Our other products meet these same high standards. Vertex PureWaterCoolers offer the same filtration options as the Pure Water Machines and dispense safe, clean water at the temperature you want without the hassle of 5 gallon bottles. Krudico sales models and options to meet your needs.

Price $310.00

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