Uranium Reduction Units

Tannin Reduction and Uranium Reduction Systems From Krudico

What causes tannins? The decaying vegetation either above ground or below ground causes tannins.  Then tannins cause the water to have a yellow or tanish color when drawn. Krudico’s macroporous tannin reduction resin is made especially for tannin reduction.  Regeneration with salt flushes the tannins from the media and restores the media. A cup of soda ash should be added to the brine tank once a month for added flushing of tannins. 

How the uranium system works - As with arsenic V and tannins, a special anion resin is used by Krudico to remove the uranium form the water. The Uranium is exchanged for the chloride ions from salt are attracted to the resin beads and the Uranium.

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