Air Chargers

The Most Economical and the Ultimate System to Continuously Oxidize Iron and Manganese in Your Water or to Expel Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

Why buy a Krudico Air Charger?

Iron and Manganese
Iron and Manganese ions have an attraction for oxygen. When oxygen combines with these metals they convert from the dissolved form (Ferrous) to the enlarged precipitated form (Ferric). If the conversion is complete, the ferric and manganese ions can be removed by several filtration methods. In the past several types of filters have been used in an attempt to remove these contaminants with various degrees of success. All of these systems utilize oxygen in one form or another for their conversion from the ferris to the ferric form.

The Air Charger uses a very quiet and oil less air compressor to put large amounts of air (oxygen) into the Air Charger's retention tank.

The Air Chargers air compressor is wired into the pressure switch that controls the well pump. Whenever the well pump is activated, the air compressor also starts up and forces air into the Air Charger tank. This air enters the tank and is forced down to the bottom of the tank through a PVC pipe that has a ten micron porous pipe at the end. The air is forced through this porous pipe and is expelled into the tank in the form of thousands of minute bubbles which start to rise upward through the water.

Incoming raw water enters the top of the tank and is sprayed into a small air pocket that starts to oxidize the iron and manganese ions. This incoming water must now flow downward to the outlet pipe located near the bottom of the tank.

As air bubbles are rising through the water and the new water is flowing downward, a turbulence between the water and the air is created. This turbulence insures that all of the incoming water is completely mixed with oxygen at an accelerated rate, the iron and manganese ions are converted from the ferris form to the ferric within two minutes. Much less time than other methods presently available on the market.

As the iron and manganese ions are now in the enlarged ferric form, they are easily removed by Krudico's SFA filters or by many filters that may already have been installed in the home or business.

Hydrogen Sulfide Control
Hydrogen sulfide is a gas created by sulfate reducing bacteria in the well. As the bacteria consume the sulfate ions, a rotten egg odor becomes present in the water. This gas can be removed by adding oxygen to the water which expels the gas and converts the sulfide to basic sulfur. The Air Charger, by adding large amounts of air to the water, is capable of expelling high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide from a water supply without the need of adding chemicals to the water or the need of an atmospheric tank and a repressurization pump. By combining the Air Charger with one of Krudico's S-CFA line of catalytic carbon filters, the basic sulfur is also removed. Water as clean and fresh as a mountain stream is available for showers, bathing, drinking and other household needs.

The "Air Charger" - Water Technology for the twenty first century!!



  • 115V or 230V Air Compressor
  • Air Compressor Mounting Stand
  • Electrical Junction Box for Safety
  • Superior Fiberglass Mineral Tank
  • Non-Corrosive PVC Tank Top
  • Interior Non-Corrosive Piping
  • Two (2) Check Valves (for preventing accidental backup of water into the air compressor)
  • Drain Off Valve (if needed, used to flush out accumulated growths of iron bacteria from the bottom of the tank without removing the air charger from the water line)
  • Air Compressor Filter
  • Polyethylene Tubing
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Air Release Vent (the excess air is released to prevent air from passing into the household water lines)
  • Outside Venting - the air charger includes features that allow released hydrogen gasses to be vented to the outside of the house or business, eliminating the odor to the atmosphere.
  • Owners Manual with Complete Easy Installation Instructions
  • List of Parts
  • Great Service

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